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RocSOUP is a grassroots effort to fund small, creative projects or new business ideas that are intended to improve the community. 

RocSOUP Recipe  
  • a grassroots collaboration ​​
  • a public dinner
  • a way for neighbors to connect around positive goals
  • a democratic experiment in micro-funding
  • a forum for important and necessary discussion & networking
  • an opportunity to support creative people in Rochester, NY

Do you have ideas for small projects that would improve your neighborhood?

Do you need start up funds ($500-$800)?

  Are you already operating a community project that could benefit from additional funds
that would make a significant difference?

RocSOUP may be an option for you!!  

We have funded six projects to date.  Each time, we have been able to increase the amount of funding offered to the project that received the most community votes.  Our Spring 2017 event raised raised $325 making the total donation awarded $750 thanks to a "match" made available through the Joan Rothenberg Family Foundation.  At December's event, we raised $560 , making the total donation $1,120 with the Rothenberg match.  For this event, the PR Board agreed to award the project with the most votes $820 and then awarded $100 donations to each of the three other presenters.

Funded projects to date have been:

  • Planter Project on W. Main Street - created living memorials of the 10 planters along W. Main Street that acknowledge friends and family who have died of drug overdoses; soil was replaced and food was planted alongside flowers.
  • Teen Wave Radio - teens have established their own radio show at 106.3 FM and used the funds to pay stipends for youth.
  • ROCovery - used  their funds to engage the community and provide a healthy setting for people in recovery.
  • Flower City Noire Collective - elevates women of color in their communities using a holistic approach; funds to be used for marketing materials.  
  • MC Collaborative - serves the hard-to-place homeless by providing social work services; funds will used to provide transportation expenses for necessary medical and mental health appointments.
  • Wellventions - a youth entrepreneurship program creating and producing their own food product; funds will be used as stipends for youth participation.
  • Taproot Collective  - a local urban agriculture initiative focused on food availability and sustainability, currently working with Wilson Magnet High School Students to create a Food Forest Classroom.

The next event will take place  Saturday, 5/19 from 4:30-6:30 p.m. at the 1872 Cafe, 431 W. Main Street.   Updates to the application are pending and will be posted mid-April.

FAQ's for Presenters
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RocSOUP Application
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